Center for Subsurface Modeling

At the Center for Subsurface Modeling, we strive to meet today’s numerical modeling challenges by bringing together mathematicians, engineers, geoscientists, and computational scientists in a cooperative environment. We believe that a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to obtain accurate, reliable, and efficient solutions to real-world problems.

The Center for Subsurface Modeling (CSM) investigates high-performance parallel processing as a tool to model the behavior of fluids in permeable geologic formations such as petroleum and natural gas reservoirs, groundwater aquifers and aquitards, and in shallow bodies of water such as bays and estuaries. The Center is part of the Oden Institute. CSM comprises a close-knit team of faculty and research scientists with expertise in applied mathematics, engineering, and computer, physical, chemical and geological sciences. This interdisciplinary approach to simulation permits a more effective integration of advanced mathematical and numerical techniques with engineering applications.