Industrial Affiliates

The Center for Subsurface Modeling established an Industrial Affiliates Program in order to foster frequent and open communication between participating researchers and the corporate community. Over the years, this Affiliates Program has proven itself an ideal gateway for launching and conducting collaborative research efforts.

Corporate members have ready access to leading-edge research on a variety of issues in subsurface modeling, parallel processing, and high-performance computing, communicated via:

  • Workshops
  • Annual review meetings
  • Campus visits by affiliates
  • Corporate visits by faculty members
  • CSM technical reports, publications and multimedia presentations of the group’s activities
  • Funded short-term “residences” at CSM in which members of our Affiliates’ corporate staff work alongside CSM faculty, scientists and students

Corporate sponsorship yields a highly leveraged return, thanks to the large and diverse portfolio of other funding within CSM. It also provides an effective means of conducting exploratory or fundamental research that would not be feasible to perform in-house.
Membership Fees

The annual fee for membership is $40,000. These funds are used primarily to support basic research. A small portion goes to defray the costs of annual meetings, technical reports, computational facilities and to supplement travel and other expenses for project graduate students, postdoctorates, visitors, and faculty.

Current Industrial Affiliate Partners:

British Petroleum Chevron Conoco Phillips
Shell Saudi Aramco statoil_logo

In addition to their support of our general program, the following companies have
engaged  CSM to work on special projects:

  • Statoil: Fluid Structure Interaction in Porous Media
  • Aramco: Advanced Models and Numerical Algorithms for Reservoir Simulation
  • ConocoPhillips: Phase field approach for modeling hydraulic fractures