Choose Compilers

  1. Load MPI compilers and library paths:
    gxl@bevo2:~> module load intel
    gxl@bevo2:~> module load mvapich
    gxl@bevo2:~> module load mkl
  2. Load tecplot for visualization:
    gxl@bevo2:~> module load tecplot
    Note: tecplot is launched by ‘tec360 -mesa’

Build IPARS Executable

  1. Read the following write-ups and proceed
    • IPARSv2/doc/README
    • IPARSv2/make/modular/README
  2. Create an executable preprocessor (size) for IPARS from sizeux.mak
    <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/ cd size
    <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/size/ make -f sizeux.mak
    • Preprocessor size is created and placed in IPARSv2/work/
        <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/size/ ls ../work/
        CVS/ size*
    • The preprocessor size replaces in the source code special character strings (keywords) by their replacements, as specified in *.siz files.
  3. Create a “Master” size file from ipars.siz
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/ cd work
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/work/ cp ../size/modular/ipars.siz
  4. Edit ipars.siz
    • Choose a framework size file (frame1.siz or frame36.siz)
    • Choose a physical model size file
    • Choose a linear solver size file
    • Choose a platform size file
    • Include or exclude visualization
    • Include or exclude mutliblock
  5. Create a “Master” make file from unix.mak
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/ cd work
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/work/ cp
      ../make/modular/unix.mak Makefile
  6. Edit Makefile
    • Correct the path to the preprocessor size
    • Correct the path to preprocessor “Master” sizefile (ipars.siz)
    • Correct the path to the “include makefiles” (default is IPARSv2/make/modular)
    • Choose a physical model makefile
    • Choose a linear solver makefile
    • Choose a platform makefile
    • Include or exclude visualization
    • Include or exclude parallel communications
    • Include or exclude multiblock MACE library
  7. Make an executable
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/work/ ls
      CVS/ ipars.siz Makefile size*
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/work/ make
  8. Check if ipars is created
      <water>/h1/gxl/IPARS/IPARSv2/work/ ls ipars
      (Note: If ipars does not exist, stop and ask for help)

Written by Center for Subsurface Modeling