IPARS Directories (IPARSv2/)
  Directory Functionality
IPARS Framework Routines drive/ Driver file: ipars.df
input/ Initial, transient data input
memman/ Memory management
print/ Standard and restart output
util/ Utility routines
wells/ Well management
Linear solver solver/ Linear solvers
Visualization visual/ Visualization files
Parallel parall/ Parallel communications
Multiblock MACE/ Multiblock interface libraries
  Directory Physical Model
IPARS physical model Routines air/, airv2/ Fully implicit air/water model
black/ Fully implicit black-oil model
dgimpes/ Oil/water DG IMPES model
dgmisci/ DG miscible displacement
hydro/ Fully implicit hydrology model
hydroe/ IMPES hydrology model
mmodel/ Multi model
poroe/ Poroelastic model
single/ Single phase explicit model
singlei/ Single phase fully implicit model
trchem/ Transport chemistry model
IPARS Physical Models
  Directory Physical Model
Make files make/modular/ Make files for machine, framework, physical model, parallel, multiblock, linear solver, and visualization
Size files size/modular/ Size files for machine, framework, physical model, parallel, multiblock, linear solver and visualization
Documentation doc/ Framework and physical model documentation files
Data data/ Example input files
Physical Models
Model Input file keyword Model keyword
Air/water AIR_WATER_MODEL $AIR (11)
DG miscible DG_MISCI $DGMISCI (15)
Hydrology implicit HYDROLOGY_IMPLICIT $HYDROI (5)
Multi model MULTI_MODEL $MMODEL (7)
Poroelastic POROELASTIC $POROE (18)
Single phase explicit SINGLE_PHASE_EXPLICIT $SINGLEE (9)
Single phase implicit SINGLE_PHASE_IMPLICIT $SINGLEI (12)
Transport chemistry TRANSPORT_CHEMSTRY $TRCHEM (17)
Model Make and Size Files
Model Make file
Size file
Air/water air.mak,airv2.mak air.siz, airv2.siz
Black-oil blacki.mak blacki.siz
DG IMPES dgimpes.mak dgimpes.siz
DG miscible dgmisci.mak dgmisci.siz
Hydrology implicit hydroi.mak hydroi.siz
Hydrology IMPES hydroe.mak hydroe.siz
Multi model mmodel.mak mmodel.siz
Poroelastic poroe.mak poroe.siz
Single phase explicit single.mak single.siz
Single phase implicit singlei.mak singlei.siz
Transport chemistry trchem.mak trchem.siz
Example Input Files
Model Example File: IPARSv2/data/
Air/water air1.dat, air*.dat, vauclin.dat
Black-oil blackh1.dat, black*.dat
DG IMPES IPARSv2/data/dgimpes/
DG miscible IPARSv2/data/dgimpes/
Hydrology implicit hydro1.dat, hydro*.dat
Hydrology IMPES impes.dat, PCG.dat
Multi model mmodel.dat, mm*.dat
Poroelastic poroe1.dat, poroe*.dat
Single phase explicit single1.dat
Single phase implicit singli1.dat
Transport chemistry tr_andra.dat, tr*.dat
Visualization hydrovis.dat, hydroPV3.dat
IPARS Make Files
IPARSv2/make/modular/ Files
Framework frame.mak, frame_t.mak
Physical models e.g. blacki.mak, hydroi.mak, poroe.mak…
Linear solvers lsor.mak, pcg.mak, gmres.mak, ygmres.mak
Visualization vis.mak, visPV3.mak
Parallel parall.mak, parall_c.mak, parall_m.mak
Platform e.g. lnx.mak, sun.mak…
Multiblock mace.mak
IPARS Size Files
IPARSv2/make/modular/ Files
Framework e.g. frame1.siz, frame36.siz …
Physical models e.g. blacki.siz, hydroi.siz, poroe.siz …
Linear solvers lsor.siz, pcg.siz, ticama.siz, yticama.siz
Visualization visual.siz, visPV3.siz
Parallel/platform e.g. beo.siz
Multiblock mortar.siz

Written by Center for Subsurface Modeling