Framework Characteristics

  1. Support 3D transient flow of multiphase with multicomponent
  2. Multiple physical models
    • air/water, oil/water, three-phase, black-oil model ...
  3. Multiple accurate and efficient numerical methods
    • IMPES, sequential, fully implicit
  4. Discretization techniques
    • Cell-centered finite difference (black-oil, oil/water, air/water models)
    • Discontinuous Galerkin (two phase IMPES model)
    • Galerkin FEM (poroelastic model)
    • Multipoint flux MFE (single phase implicit model)
    • Mortar finite element
  5. A suit of linear solvers and preconditioners
    • LSOR, Multigrid, Domain decomposition/Newton Krylov
  6. Wells control
    • Arbitrary number of wells with one or more completion
    • Pressure and rate specified well control
  7. General purpose 2D function utilities
    • Piecewise constant
    • Piecewise linear
    • Quadratic splines with optional poles
    • Cubic splines with optional poles
    • User defined functions
  8. Free-form keyword input
  9. Restart capability
  10. Dynamic grid refinement of the primary grid on each fault bloc
  11. Languages
    • FORTRAN 77 is used whenever possible for portability concern
    • Classical C is used for memory management and user interface
    • C++ is used for the multiblock interface libraries (MACE)

Written by Center for Subsurface Modeling